Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is that your final answer?

I am a bad decision maker. I don't mean that I make bad decisions (at least not too often, I hope). But sometimes I have a ridiculously hard time making decisions. This morning I thought I had my card designs all set for the September stamp-a-stack I'm planning; I was just going to make new samples and polish them up a bit. But then I started playing with colors and embellishments and all that good stuff. And suddenly I can't decide: this ribbon or that ribbon? This punch or that punch? Argh. The basic card designs stayed pretty much the same, but the little details were giving me fits.

So right now, these are the three card designs I'm working with:

I won't give you the full supply list, but the Stampin' Up!® stamp sets used are Pennant Parade, Array of Sunshine and French Foliage. I like these designs, and they're definitely appropriate for different occasions. But I still can't quite commit to them. Maybe they're too plain. Or maybe I think I'll come up with something I like better. Who knows. But I need to decide in the next couple of days so I have enough time to order all the supplies and get everything prepared.

At this point, unless I have a very sudden and significant burst of inspiration within the next forty-eight hours or so, I'll probably use these designs as my basis for ordering. But I won't be surprised if the final cards end up looking just a bit different from these.

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