Sunday, December 9, 2012


And more snow. And more snow. It's starting to feel much more Christmas-y today with our first major snowfall of the season. Wet, heavy snow. Lots of it. Between me, my sister and our downstairs neighbors, our sidewalk was shoveled three times today. (And the house is on a corner lot, so there is no shortage of sidewalk.) My arms are about done in.

The snow is still falling, too, although it seems to be letting up a little bit, thank goodness. By the time I finished shoveling earlier today, there was already a half inch of snow covering the sidewalk that I had shoveled first. Not the most encouraging sight.

I'll admit the snow doesn't have quite the appeal it did when I was a child. Now it makes me worry about the hassle of walking to work on snowy, icy sidewalks or wonder if the buses will be running on schedule. You know, all that boring grown-up stuff. But it is still a beautiful, amazing sight. I love the snow layered on the tree branches and the sense of peacefulness that seems to envelope everything. I'll try to remember that feeling come March when I have decided for the fifty-third time that I should move to a tropical island.

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