Saturday, December 1, 2012

A blooming Christmas

I have had a Christmas cactus -- the same Christmas cactus -- for at least ten years, and it has bloomed a grand total of one time, in January 2004. Yep, after Christmas and only a few little blossoms.

I know a Christmas cactus needs cooler temperatures to start the flowering process, but that was hard to achieve in our old apartment, short of opening a window in the middle of winter, which, no thanks. But this fall, my sister had the idea to put the Christmas cactus on our unheated three-season porch for a few weeks. It's not quite as cold as being outside because it's enclosed, but it's definitely cooler than the rest of the house. Success! Buds started to appear, and we have been watching them turn into beautiful, big pink flowers.

Shot 1: You can just see the white buds
on the ends of some of the leaves.
Shot 2: The buds are larger and just starting to turn pink.
Shot 3: Darker pink buds.
Shot 4: The flowers are starting to open.
Shot 5: More flowers.
Shot 6: Full of blooms (and still more to open)!
Aren't those flowers amazing? I just love the bright color.

Of course, while the Christmas cactus has been busy blooming, we've been busy decorating the house for Christmas. We have more space this year so we've been able to put out things that we just didn't have room for in previous years.

We still have too many ornaments for our
little tree, but I think I'd have that
problem no matter how big the tree was.
I made this paper chain last year with some retired Designer
Series Paper and card stock from Stampin' Up!®. It was so
long I had to loop it along the windows twice.

Mielle loves to sleep on pillows on the radiator, and the
garland did not deter her. As long as she doesn't play with
the ornaments, we're good.

Enjoy the holiday season, and thanks for stopping by!

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