Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm a winner!

I don't normally like to have any focus on me (I'm much happier behind the scenes, thank you), but now I am going to brag a little bit. Today I went to a rubber stamp show and found out that I was one of the winners of the card contest that was part of the event. Yippee!

The theme for the contest was "A Walk in the Garden," and I submitted two cards, which was the limit. (You can see the cards in my June 9, 2012, post "A walk in the garden." The first two cards are the ones I entered in the contest, and the second card is the one that won.) When I arrived at the show this morning I looked for the entries and saw that there were some wonderful cards. There were twelve cards, and since two winners would be chosen, I knew I had pretty good odds.

I actually missed the initial announcement that I had won because I was in a class, and the sound system wasn't working properly in the room. But as soon as the class was done, I made a beeline for the card display to see if the winners had been posted. And I found a little first place tag next to my card!

After I collected my prize, put on a name tag saying that I was a card contest winner and had some "official" photos taken for the event, one of the event personnel announced over the loudspeaker that I had picked up my prize and if attendees saw me walking around, they should congratulate me. Hee!

So what was my prize? Well, here it is:

OK, so it doesn't look very impressive in the picture. But the little box was filled with one hundred of those cards. Yep, I won $100 to spend at the show.

What did I buy? Well, I admit that up to that point I really had been walking around the show doing a lot of looking but not much buying because I was imagining what I would buy if I did win the contest. It turns out my dreams were a little bigger than $100, but I ultimately decided on a magnetic storage system for Framelits-style dies, two embossing folders, two stamp sets, a package of small clear plastic gift boxes and a set of Nestabilities.

So all in all, I have to say that it was a pretty good day for me. Thanks for stopping by!

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