Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moving Day 1

Today was our first moving day. Our parents, brother and aunt came over to help, and we made three trips with two very full cars. By complete chance we also had access to a U-Haul truck, so we made one extra trip with a few furniture pieces. We didn't have much furniture ready to go since we weren't expecting to have a truck, but it was nice to get even a few of those big things moved. Overall it went well, but everyone is exhausted. Moving all those boxes down a flight of stairs and then up another flight of stairs and around a corner at the duplex was anything but fun. But we did meet a few of our new neighbors today, too, and they all seem very nice. (I would have preferred to meet them when I wasn't grimy and sweaty, but it is what it is.)

So now our dining room is empty, and the rest of the rooms in the apartment are in various stages of half-packed chaos. And we have just about two weeks to get the rest of our stuff packed before Moving Days 2 and 3. (I really hope that's all we'll need because I don't want to drag this out any more than we have to.)

This morning I took a few pictures of our new place before it was filled with stuff. Here is the living room. The fireplace isn't functional, but I think we might put some candles in it. And I love the built-in shelves and windows on either side.

This is the dining room. A dining room that will contain a table actually used for dining and not as a semi-permanent crafting space. Plus it has a cute built-in hutch.

Here is the smallest of the three bedrooms. It was going to be my craft room, but once I started looking at all the things I need to put in here (new craft furniture plus my current stamp shelf) and the things I want to put in here (desk and file cabinet), it really didn't seem big enough. So instead I think this will be my bedroom with minimal furnishings. It will be tight -- I mean cozy -- but I think it will be doable. (I might try to fit my craft stuff in here first, though. Just to make sure).

This room, which was originally going to be my bedroom, now will be my craft room. My desk and bookshelves will also be in here, so I suppose it will be a craft room/library/office. The door on the left side leads to a little sun room, which the cats will adore and which also lets a lot of light into the room. I would have loved to have this as a bedroom, but I'm just not sure it will work.

Now that we actually have some things at our new place, the whole move is finally starting to seem real. I just have to hope that I can keep enough momentum going to finish the job.

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  1. Oh Andrea, I think your new place is wonderful! So glad you posted these pictures. I love all the light and adore the built in shelves and hutch!