Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dreaming of my craft room

I am definitely in the throes of moving. My sister and I have cardboard boxes everywhere in our apartment. Empty ones, full ones, big ones, little ones. And bags. Umpteen bags filled with recycling, trash and things to donate. I can barely reach our dining room window, and you almost have to walk down the hallway sideways. Seriously. I want to curl up in a ball and hide under a blanket. Thank goodness it's just a few more days until we can move the first load to our new place.

One thing I am getting very excited about, though, is my new craft room. The room isn't huge (I think it's about 9'8" by 9'10"), and I know that my desk and filing cabinet will be in the room along with the shelving unit that currently holds all my bins filled with stamps. But other than that it's a blank slate. At least it was until this weekend.

On Friday afternoon my dad called to see if I wanted to go to The Home Depot to see some Martha Stewart craft furniture. Now I'm personally not a fan of Martha Stewart, but my dad seemed impressed by the furniture. And even better, it was on clearance for half off! It's hard to beat a good sale, so I decided to take a look.

The cabinet. The drawers have dividers that can be
adjusted or removed. I'm planning to use the shallow
drawers for punches. I'll be able to see them all!
When we got to The Home Depot, the table my dad had seen the day before was already gone. And the one three-drawer cabinet was marked "paid." (He was so disappointed that I didn't get to see the table. He said he should have just bought and given it to me.) All that was left was a hutch for the cabinet.

We tried another store, but still no tables. The second location did have a few cabinets, hutches and sets of cubbies left, but I just wasn't sure what I wanted, so we left.

The hutch. The four dowels at the top
are for wrapping paper, but I'm going to
replace them with smaller ones to hold
ribbon. I think my dad had a hard time
understanding that, yes, I do have
that much ribbon.
Back at home I looked at a few other furniture options online, but I didn't really see anything that looked better for a cheaper price ($100 for the table, $150 for the cabinet, $50 for the hutch). So about an hour later I called my dad and told him I decided to get the cabinet and hutch. He went back to the store and picked them up for me (and agreed to store them in their garage temporarily). Yay for dads!

The table. I'm planning to put my two
back-to-back. And I can keep scissors,
adhesive, etc., in the drawers.
Not one to give up easily, my dad called me yesterday morning to say that he was at another The Home Depot store, and they still had the table: one floor model and one in a box. I told him to go ahead and get the one in the box. Then I promptly called back and told him to buy the floor model, too. (I had always hoped to have either one really large table or two smaller ones in my craft room so there's room for two people to have plenty of work space.) Yippee!

It's been about three weeks since I packed up my stamping supplies, and I know it will be several more weeks before I have everything moved, unpacked and set up. But I can't wait to get back to stamping. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh wow, Andrea!! I'm super excited for you! That is amazing furniture. I bet you can hardly wait to start organizing that room. Have a fun, safe holiday and move!