Sunday, December 8, 2013

A very Lego Christmas

A few weeks ago I splurged and bought myself two winter-themed Lego sets: the Winter Village Market and the Winter Village Cottage. This weekend I finished assembling them and, with a few other Lego sets and minifigures, created my own little winter village on our coffee table.

Welcome to Snowburg! I must admit that I was greatly amused while setting up Snowburg, deciding which figures to use and where to put them. And I'm lucky that my sister tolerates my toys taking over the entire table for the holidays. Here are some close-up shots:

Outside the cottage the snowplow is busy keeping the village roads clear. A couple of police officers are patrolling Snowburg; they don't expect any trouble from the villagers, but you can never be too safe.

Inside the cottage is a cozy, charming living space for a minifigure family. The kitchen (bottom right) has a sink, stove, cabinets, little drawers that open, a tiny pan and classic checkered tile floor.

In the living room Grandpa is reading the paper in his armchair by the glowing fire (courtesy of a light-up brick). The room is also decked out with a Christmas tree and stockings on the mantle.
Outside the more outdoorsy minifigures are enjoying a run down the ski slope (it's more of a bunny hill, but they're beginners) and some ice fishing. Looks like they caught some dinner!
Anyone up for a ride on Santa's Ho-Ho-Holiday Express? See the elf for tickets. But please, don't eat the giant gingerbread man.

If you do have a sweet tooth, consider stopping at Andi's Dandies market stall for a tasty treat.
The Snowburg village center is bustling with activity: horse-drawn sleigh rides, the song stylings of the Sassy Santa Trio, and an ice-skating rink. Or just enjoy a spot on a park bench -- great for people watching!
The carousel is a popular spot in the market. (And naturally everyone wants to ride the horses because they rock back and forth while the carousel spins around.) Old man Cliff has operated the carousel for thirty years. He's gruff on the surface, but a softie at heart.
Hungry for a bratwurst and a stein of beer? Or maybe a flaky, buttery croissant? Grab some refreshments and join the Fritz twins, who are enjoying soft pretzels after their performance in the village center. (They don their lederhosen and perform accordion duets at noon every Sunday during the holidays. On Christmas Eve they do a special performance with the Sassy Santa Trio at midnight mass.)
Aaaahh! It's a sad, sad fact of life in Snowburg that sometimes the village is attacked by the giant abominable snow cat. Run for your lives!

(Disclaimer: This was actually a staged scene. I had to wake up the giant abominable snow cat, drag her out of her quilt cave and put her in Snowburg. However, a mere two hours later, she did attack the village of her own free will. The village center saw the most damage. But the Snowburgians are hardy minifigures; they will recover and rebuild.)

For now, adieu from Snowburg. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This made me so happy! I love that you love legos! And I think your Christmas village is adorable. Thanks for showing it off!!