Thursday, August 8, 2013

A day at the Falls

My vacation week of mini outings is continuing to be a lot of fun. Yesterday I spent the day at the Science Museum of Minnesota. I'd given myself three hours to see the special Maya exhibit, thinking that would be more than enough time. Wrong! The exhibit was fascinating, but longer than I expected. I also didn't pace myself very well at the beginning, so I had to skim the last few sections in order to be on time for lunch with my sister. After lunch I went back to see the Omnitheater film, explore a few of the other exhibits and, of course, browse in the gift shop. I didn't buy anything, but I seriously considered getting a couple of books about math. I love numbers and nerdy books.

Today was a relaxing day at Minnehaha Falls and Park. The Falls are so close to me -- technically walking distance, but I chose the roughly 15-minute bus ride instead -- but I don't get there nearly enough. So I packed my camera, beach towel, lunch and a couple of books and was on my way. Here are just a few of the pictures I took:

My view while lying on my beach towel.
View of the Falls from the overlook.
I walked down a lot of stairs to take pictures from
the bottom of the Falls ...
... and then I had to walk back up them. Sheesh.
View from the bottom of the Falls.
Of course I couldn't resist some flower shots. I even
captured a little bee in this photo.
Looking down on the Falls.

I have about eighty more photos, but I think you get the idea. It was an awesome day. (My box of new Stampin' Up! goodies also arrived today, which made the day even more awesome. Can't wait to play!) Thanks for stopping by!

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