Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My birthday weekend

My birthday was on Sunday, and I opted to skip any big festivities this year. Instead I spent the weekend visiting a good friend in rural Minnesota. The weather wasn't the greatest -- Sunday was gorgeous, but Saturday was chilly, rainy and blustery -- but I didn't mind at all. We had a wonderful time chatting, making cards, exploring a few landmarks in the area and generally being entertained by my friend's seven-year-old daughter. Here are a few photos from my birthday weekend:

Stained glass windows at St. John's Abbey church.

Saturday evening the skies cleared up just enough to catch the sunset.

Card-making is serious business ...

... so you have to find some way to have a little fun!

Sunday dawned a clear, calm and relatively mild October day.

Reese's Peanut Butter cupcakes for my birthday. Yum! We couldn't fit thirty-eight candles on the cupcakes -- and I don't think I could have blown them all out if we had -- so I had eleven instead (3 + 8 = 11).

I came home late Sunday afternoon and had a quiet family dinner Sunday night. My sister made us teriyaki stir fry and a chocolate Bundt cake for dessert. Chocolate cake twice in one day -- that's a great birthday!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Happy belated birthday :-)

    Nice pictures, especially the stones.


  2. A very happy belated birthday, Andrea. I am glad you had a fantastic time with your friend
    Love, Nessie