Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 2016 Paper Pumpkin: Alternate project

When I saw the Paper Pumpkin kit for January, I knew it would be perfect to use for some of the Valentine's Day cards I'm going to donate to Meals on Wheels. Here are the completed cards:

I used two die-cut hearts for each card, so I was able to make fifteen cards. I thought about using just one heart per card and adhering them to card stock card bases, but I wanted to limit my supplies. I used the die-cut pennants, twine and sequins to embellish the cards, and I have quite a bit of the twine and sequins leftover. I also didn't use the clothespins, so I saved those for another project.

To attach the hearts together to make the card bases, I placed two hearts back-to-back and then made a score line about 3/4" away from the left side. I placed adhesive on one of the hearts between the score line and the edge and then adhered the hearts together. When I added the pennants I just made sure to place them to the right of the score line so they didn't get bent or keep the card from opening.

I think the only supply I needed other than those in the kit was additional Glue Dots. The kit comes with fifty Glue Dots, but I used four on each card (three sequins and a bow), which comes out to sixty total. Or you could use a liquid glue instead. I also happened to have a pack of 5" x 5" envelopes, which were the perfect size for these cards. I used a small heart punch on the leftover paper from the kit to make a whole pile of small paper hearts, and I glued a few hearts on the back of each envelope so they coordinate with the cards.

That's one batch of valentines done. I still want to make a lot more this week, but I've got a good start. Thanks for stopping by!

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