Sunday, March 3, 2013

Giant jigsaw puzzle

Goodness, it's been more than a week since I posted on my blog. I had every intention of making cards to share last week, but I had to do some tasks for work, and the days just got away from me. I created a few cards yesterday, though, so I will have things to share this week. In the meantime, I've been intending to post this picture for awhile:

Several weeks ago my sister and I put together this massive jigsaw puzzle. She had given it to me for Christmas 2011, but we hadn't assembled it yet because we didn't have a surface that was large enough and free from clutter. It's hard to appreciate the size of the puzzle in a picture, but it was roughly five feet long and three feet high; as you can see, it took up the entire dining room table.

According to the box it was a 3,000-piece puzzle, but when we were finished I multiplied the number of rows by the number of columns and came up with something closer to 3,200 pieces. Egads. I was sure by the time we were done there were going to be pieces missing -- lost in the vacuum, fallen into the Christmas decorations we were packing, stuck to something we set down on the table, or confiscated by one of the cats -- so I was relieved to find that all the pieces were present and accounted for.

We left the completed puzzle on the table for a week or two to admire it and then packed it up and started another one. This one is "normal" size -- 1,000 pieces and about 19" by 27" -- but we became so used to the giant puzzle that the new puzzle looks ridiculously tiny! I guess it's all relative.

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