Friday, January 13, 2017

Kitty update

It's been about two months since we adopted out two tabbies, Shawn and Gus, so I thought I'd post a quick update and share a few photos.

Shawn and Gus can be cuddly -- on their terms, like any respectable cats --and it's especially cute when they snuggle together:

Aww, brotherly love. Or is that a choke hold?

The boys are very playful. They run around like crazy, sometimes chasing each other and sometimes just because. I bought them some toy mice for Christmas, and Shawn especially loves to bat them around and carry them in his mouth, leaving them on the couch or my sister's bed. We also have a wand toy with a feather on the end that they both are crazy about. They jump, flip and run around in circles trying to catch the feather, and when we want to take a break we have to hide the toy so they don't destroy the feather. (Gus has found and pulled the toy out of a couple of hiding spots.)

And after all that playing, you have to take a break, right?
It's synchronized cat poses. (And that's one of the infamous mice to the left and in front of Shawn.)

Shawn and Gus are still shy and skittish at times -- they pretty much hide the entire time we have company -- but overall they've adjusted very well.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sooooooooo gorjuss - I just want to cuddle them!! My absolute fave post!! I love cats and I just love to see pics of your fur babies! They just look so sweet and cuddly!
    My two Purritos act like kittens early in the morning and then late at night when it gets cooler. I just hope me neighbours don;t think it i ME running round making all the noise!My tow are 11 and eight and have totally different personalities, but they both love to share my bed with me at night! One sleeps at my feet, and the other likes to share my pillow! He now has his own pillow so we both have plenty of room!
    Thank you for sharing your gorjuss fur babies with us! Theya re s sweet:-)
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. You're a Psych fan too?! LOVE that show!

    You're cards are just fabulous!