Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden update: Two months

It's been two months since my sister and I planted are garden, and it's growing like crazy. (For proof, check out my first garden post and my one-month update.) I took more than two dozen pictures yesterday, but I'll share just a few of them.

Our garden at two months.
So far we've harvested a ton of lettuce, some kale, four heads of broccoli, two carrots, a cucumber, and a few small zucchinis. Everything else seems to be coming along, except the peas. We planted peas four times and have had no success. When we planted the last time, we also planted a few scarlet runner beans with them, and the beans have sprouted. I don't know if we'll get to harvest any of those beans, but they're supposed to have pretty flowers. And at least we'll get something growing up the fun twisty poles.

We also haven't gotten any strawberries. The one that had been growing mysteriously disappeared. And the squirrels were digging in the pots, so I covered them with some netting. Since then the plants have flourished, but still no berries.

Kale, lettuce and cucumbers
Here are the kale, lettuce and cucumbers. The cucumbers are enjoying the trellis, and I'm sure we'll be harvesting a bumper crop, since the plants are covered with flowers.

A cucumber tendrill, all curled up
This is a close-up of a tendril on one of the cucumber plants. It's so amazing to me how they manage to find things to grab onto, and when they do, they hold on tight.

Beans growing up and over the bean towers
The beans love the bean towers. They got to the top and just kept going. For awhile it looked as if one of the plants was determined to reach the garage. Now they're all wrapped and twisted around each other into one big mass on top of the towers.

The beans are starting to grow!
The beans are starting to grow!

Indigo rose tomotoes
We've got a mess of indigo rose tomatoes. I love that dark purple color. They don't seem to be ripening very much, though. (When they're ripe the purple turns a little more brown, and the bottom gets red.) We picked a few to put in a paper bag in the house to see if that helps.

The "wild" flower garden
The flowers we planted are coming along, too. We've got a few blooms, and the sunflowers are getting taller. And tonight we saw a monarch butterfly flitting around the flowers and milkweed. Yippee!

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